Bitcoin Market ETF-Approved Price

The price flow of Bitcoin has been unusual recently.

It doesn’t feel like a bull market, but most experts are positive about rising prices,
Just as Bitcoin, which has recently seen an upward momentum, is expected to rebound to $50,000

Opinions are also divided among experts.

However, it is subjective in terms of the high altitude, up 100% from the beginning of the year, but in my personal opinion, it seems to be a positive signal.

Looking at the opinions of experts, first of all, we expect Bitcoin to rise,

but whether it will shut down with the US FOMC from November to December,
Analysts say it is necessary to be wary of internal risks that have repeatedly caused barriers to upward entry.

If the ETF’s approval is announced, no one knows how far Bitcoin will go
Investors appear to be waiting for EFT approval.

When a bitcoin spot ETF is launched, investors can make bitcoin investments through securities accounts without opening a virtual asset exchange account.

In addition, with interest costs on U.S. bonds exceeding defense-related spending, the dollar’s health problems arise amid a rapid rise in interest costs due to the continued high-interest rate environment

There is also a very positive outlook that Bitcoin will be more and more highlighted in its asset value and approach $40,000 within the year.

However, negatively, if the hawkish message continues to be sent to the FOMC this year despite confirming a rate freeze,

it could have a negative impact on the stock market as well as the price of Bitcoin.

Also considering the approval process of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the negative factor is that if the U.S. government goes into shutdown after November 17,

it could be difficult to approve Bitcoin spot EFTs within the year.

There are still disagreements about the asset value of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency, and there are many different opinions

No one knows what will happen in the future, so it’s better to consider whether to invest according to your financial situation.

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